Xoliswa Fuyani

2024 Fellow

Xoli, the Founder of Black Girls Rising, is an Environmentalist with over a decade of leadership in guiding and nurturing youth. Over the course of 15 years, she has successfully educated diverse intergenerational groups on environmental issues, developing school programs that inspire learners to make thoughtful choices and empower older youth to recognize their inherent strength.

As the Director of Black Girls Rising, a Black-led youth-focused organization, Xoli is dedicated to cultivating holistic, well-informed, and empowered girl leaders who take center stage in climate action. Her focus extends beyond environmental education to include the development of emotional well-being and trauma-informed Afrocentric awareness in the realm of climate advocacy.

In addition to her role at Black Girls Rising, Xoli serves as a Board Member at the African Climate Alliance and the Zero Waste Association of South Africa. Her inspiration lies in shaping a future defined by both environmental and social justice.


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