How do we know we are meeting our purpose, or having an impact? Are we asking the right questions? Is the content relevant to an African environmental context? How can we integrate what we are learning in real-time and course correct now, not next year? These are the questions we ask and answer here.

We do this through introductory and transition interviews with each WE Fellow supplemented by monthly feedback sessions with coaches and an in person retreat. Here are some key quotes describing how Fellows have responded.


Marie Tamoifo Nkom

“I have learned that there is no shame in speaking about my achievements, my struggles and my ambitions. And I will continue to speak up and pursue my dreams of a better world with more opportunities for youth and women leadership in Africa.”

Bruktawit Abdu Mahamued

“Before WE Africa, I felt frustrated and burnt out from conservation work. I was doing a lot but couldn’t see the impact. I have learned that the key is to pause and evaluate where I am and where I want to go.”

Takudzwa Mutezo

“The fact that I find myself in spaces where I might be the only young female of African descent is not a weakness; it is a strength. WE Africa has reinforced that belief for me. It has helped me find my space, own it and become a more authentic leader.”

Oufunto Boroffice

“This journey has dismantled the notion that women don’t support each other and are in constant competition. I have developed a sisterhood that has helped me forgive myself for my past mistakes and encouraged me to continue being the best leader I can be.”



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