Taaka Awori

Masterclass speaker 

Taaka Awori, is the Founder/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Busara Africa. She has expertise
in Facilitation, Organisational Development and Social Development with
over 20 years’ experience working with Private & Public Organizations, Governments,
Foundations, and NGOs across Africa, Europe and the US.

In Organizational Development, Taaka has extensive experience in leadership training and coaching. She also has in-depth experience in setting up effective governance structures within organisations and developing well-functioning Boards. In Social Development, Taaka has a proven track record of formulating and implementing social policies, gender analysis and mainstreaming, evaluating development programs, and supporting communities to lead their own development agenda.

Taaka has a B.A. Honors in Government from Harvard University and a Juris Doctor in Law from Columbia University. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has an Advanced Certificate in Coaching from the International Coaching Academy,
Melbourne, Australia and a Coaching Certificate in Social and Emotional Intelligence from the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence, Denver, Colorado, USA.

Taaka has sat on several Boards and is currently serving as the Chair of the Board of the African Women’s Development Fund. She is the Author of the recently released book: Leadership in Africa Redefined – Untold Stories.


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