Mboone Umbima

WE Talk Speaker

Mboone has earned the reputation of a genuine change agent. She has 15 years of experience as a brand and marketing executive, spanning multiple industries, including banking, food service, and philanthropy. Currently, she is the EVP of Brand Strategy at David Rio Coffee and Tea, where she is responsible for the organization’s philanthropic programs working with the International Fund for Animal Welfare and supporting conservation programs worldwide.

In 2016, she was head of Communications for Equity Group Foundation, working on socio-economic transformational programs aimed at serving the poor through education and financial inclusion. She also worked at the  Compass Group, where she chaired the B&I Diversity and Inclusion Action Council, establishing a mentorship program to create growth opportunities for women and people of colour. She received the Thompson Hospitality Leadership Award in 2014 for her work on Diversity and Inclusion.

Mboone is passionate about the impact of effective leadership. She cares deeply about Africa’s wildlife and loves super spicy masala chai. She is also a mother of two 6-year-old boys – no, they are not twins, Trevor is human, and Ambo is an elephant orphan rescue in Kenya. Trevor lives in the United States, and Ambo lives in the Tsavo National Park in Kenya.’


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