Helvecia Embola

2023 Fellow

With 16 years of experience in development, Helvecia Embola is the Coordinator of World Economic Skills and Development (WESAD), a Cameroonian based NGO. She is also the leader of Women in Conservation Network Cameroon which constitutes about 30 women-led organisations.

Helvecia believes that a strong work ethic and attention to detail yield superior results. She is passionate about the development of entrepreneurial skills and has mentored over 400 girls in entrepreneurship and leadership. She has also trained and mentored over 250 young women in the creation of environmentally friendly new ventures.

She holds an MBA with a specialisation in Project Management, as well as a Competency Based Curriculum TVET Design Certification from Queensland University of Technology in Australia. She is currently pursuing her PhD at UNU-MERIT in Governance and Policy Analysis with a focus on innovations and entrepreneurship. She was named Queensland University of Technology’s Impact Ambassador to Africa in 2019.


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