Fiona Wanjiku Moejes

2022 Fellow

Fiona is motivated by the opportunity science presents to understand and improve how we live with our natural environment. She has a background in developing and implementing multi- and transdisciplinary projects focused on marine biotechnology, sustainable aquaculture, with a strong focus on microalgae and seaweed, and community-led marine conservation in the Comoros and Kenya. She strongly believes in the need for diversity to drive innovation and ensure impact. Fiona has always played a “facilitator” role in bridging the gaps between science and everyday life.
She has an industry-based PhD in microalgal biotechnology, and is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Applied Phycology and the African Marine Conservation Leadership Programme.
Fiona is the Acting CEO and Director of Programmes at the Mawazo Institute – a women-led African organisation based in Nairobi, Kenya supporting early-career women researchers as they work to find solutions to local and global development challenges.


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