Elisabet Badia

2023 Fellow

Elisabet Badia is an environmental engineer born and raised in Barcelona, working primarily in the energy sector. She advocates for women’s empowerment in the energy transition, and she enjoys challenging this paradigm in the Western African context, where she first arrived in 2016. Elisabet’s background includes working with women’s associations in the Philippines to protect the environment in tourism hotspots, conducting wind mills technical due diligences in Germany, designing solar and wind farms in the UK, and working in Ethiopia to provide women in refugee camps with access to solar energy.

She currently runs her own consulting firm in Guinea-Bissau, where she collaborates with the government on the implementation of funding mechanisms to increase local resilience to climate change events. Elisabet has a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and an Engineering Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy from two different Universities in Barcelona (Spain) and a Technical School in Germany.


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