Dr. Nokugcina Mhlophe

WE Talk Speaker

Dr. Gcina Mhlophe is an author, storyteller and founding director of Gcinamasiko Arts and Heritage Trust. Her works have been translated into many languages, including all official South African languages, Kiswahili, French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Japanese and even Braille. She has directed her theatre play in USA, UK and Greenland, her most widely known and studied theatre text being, “Have you seen Zandile?” Her poetry has been reinterpreted into dance and classical music.

She has recently edited and self-published the “Our Storytelling Tree: A South African Storytellers Directory” book under GAHT and it is the first of its kind in archiving 38 of the story tellers currently working in South Africa.

Seven Universities both in South Africa and internationally have awarded her honorary doctorates for her literary works and contribution to intangible heritage through storytelling.


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