Dr. Leela Hazzah

Dr. Leela Hazzah

Accountability Council, Leadership Council, Delivery Team, Integration Team

Over the years, Leela has grown increasingly concerned about our planet’s state and the people trying to save it. She has a conviction to transform the environmental leadership space into one that is healthier, more productive and inclusive. Assembling a team with similar concerns and passions has led to the emergence of WE Africa. She is an active member of the Leadership Council, Accountability, and WE Umbrella spaces.

Leela is also the Executive Director and co-founder of Lion Guardians and a founding member of PRIDE Lion Conservation Alliance.

She has worked on conservation issues in East Africa for 20+ years and has been recognized for her work through numerous awards, including the Explorers Club President’s Award, CNN Heroes, Future for Nature Award, the St. Andrews Prize for the Environment, and a Fulbright Fellowship.



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