Damaris Agweyu

Delivery Team, Speaker, Integration Team

Damaris brings a unique perspective to the WE team as a leader with exceptional life experience and passion from the realm of media and storytelling in Africa. Her passion for storytelling for impact can be traced back to a childhood spent in Europe—one that opened her eyes to the persistently harmful stereotypes about her home continent, Africa. From this experience, she learned the potency of narratives; their ability to either build and edify or malign and destroy.

Damaris’ conviction led her to found Qazini, a media platform that consciously and relentlessly champions the voices of Africans.

Through Qazini, Damaris strives to share her vision of Africa with millions of people to inspire them to alter broader attitudes, shape alternative conversations and catalyze systemic change in society

Her visionary perspectives have earned her opportunities to capture and share the authentic stories of numerous individuals and organisations across the African continent.

In 2021, she was a recipient of The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship (TEF) Programme award for creating one of Africa’s most innovative, high-potential business ideas.

Before founding Qazini, Damaris provided innovative leadership that scaled impact for several organizations, both in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

Damaris, who describes herself as a dreamer, doer and renaissance soul, envisions a future where existing structural inequalities on our planet are dismantled—for good. She believes that one of the most obvious ways to achieve this is through honouring every voice, not just the loudest.


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