Balkissa Daoura

2024 Fellow

Embarking on her climate justice adventure as a mere interest, it swiftly transformed into a fervent passion as her experiences and knowledge expanded. Through her involvement in diverse environmental projects, she gained valuable insights into the environmental justice challenges confronting African communities daily. Fueled by this understanding, she pursued studies in environmental engineering and climate change politics, driven by a desire to be part of the process and become an active participant in “changing narratives”.

With over a decade of volunteering and working with non-governmental organizations and civil society groups in West Africa, specifically Niger, Senegal, and Ivory Coast, she emerged as a dedicated advocate. Her focus has been on coordinating campaigns for ecosystems and traditional food system restoration, conducting environmental education in primary schools, and amplifying the voices of change makers through the Kandili podcast.

In her journey, she personifies the African proverb: “The elephant dies, but its tusks remain.”


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