Takudzwa Mutezo

2022 Fellow

Takudzwa (Taku) is a versatile international and environmental lawyer; whose area of expertise is in the international wildlife trafficking arena. She is currently leading the Legal Department in her role as the Senior Legal Advisor at Tikki Hywood Foundation (THF). Takudzwa’s experience includes co-authoring a Handbook for Prosecuting Wildlife Crimes and developing the first virtual training on wildlife crime and the law for authorities in Zimbabwe. She has drafted and amended key legislative and policy documents on wildlife at national, regional, and international level. Her commitment to conservation and love for Africa, led to her appointment as the youngest and only female Board Member of the Nyanga Rhodes Estate in 2021, with an advisory role towards the conservation and the development of the prestigious Nyanga National Park and surrounding areas. Takudzwa, holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL. B) from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy and Governance at Africa University, Zimbabwe.


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