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Martin is an award winning writer, published and exhibited photographer, digital designer and front-end developer. He leads our digital, communications and marketing teams – transforming stories of our work from across our international team into a wide variety of interactive digital and print media – websites, blogs, photo stories and more – supporting BVs open source approach to proactively raise the voices of the coastal communities we work with. Martin has a PhD in climate change adaptation and conservation policy from the Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience, with a focus on advanced GIS and socio-ecological modelling working with stakeholders at multiple scales from site practitioners to international policy makers. His research and teaching on climate change adaptation and conservation policy takes a full system approach, including mapping and modelling climate change scenarios, hydrological and ecological impacts, vulnerability and resilience assessment and the creation of policy relevant decision support tools for environmental management and conservation strategy. He is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine at the University of Glasgow. Martin’s previous conservation research and expedition experience has taken him all over the world working with conservation organisations in the UK with WDC, Indonesian Borneo with OuTrop, Bolivia and Gambia with Glasgow ExSoc and living for a year in Ecuador with the indigenous Payamino community remote in the amazon rainforest. He’s a keen photographer and has many many images from these travels, some of which have were exhibited in a rainforest hut he built in the Hunterian Zoology Museum. True story.