WE Africa strives to operate within a horizontal flat structure; driven by mutual respect of ideas and opinions rather than hierarchy guiding our decisions. Please click on the above functions to understand more about how WE Africa works. 


Leadership Council

Our Leadership Council keeps the room “round” and authentic, and makes sure WE Africa is always relevant to the African environmental movement. This council supports and guides the strategic vision and upholds our culture, ethos, and values while providing general governance and oversight similar to a board of trustees.


 Legal, financial, human resources, and other liabilities reside here. Nowhere to hide in this room.


Program Integration

This is where much of the magic happens. Insights and experience are combined with lessons learned both externally and internally along the way to create the WE Africa experience. We leave space to be flexible and innovative to co-create and learn with the cohort as we go (together with the U & A team).

Understanding and Adapting (U&A)

How do we know we are meeting our purpose, or having an impact? Are we asking the right questions? Is the content relevant to an African environmental context? How can we integrate what we are learning in real-time and course correct now, not next year? These are the questions we ask and answer here.

Support Team

We bring the WE Africa experience to life with clarity, integrity, compassion, and a clear sense of purpose to help women become the heart of the environmental movement in Africa.   We listen and adapt to meet the needs of the participants while staying true to WE Africa’s purpose and vision.  

The Essentials

We love efficiency and clear communication through words and graphics. We help coordinate and support to the cohort, delivery team, platform, and program at large. We keep things running in the back office and on the platform so everyone can do what they do best and has a clear view of the road ahead.

Supporting circles


We have experience, influence, and a passion for women’s leadership that we want to use to guide and amplify this inspirational and meaningful movement.


We are the WE Africa alumnae and community who are passionate about putting women at the heart of the African environmental movement.


We are a world-wide supportive network of leadership initiatives that share a similar purpose, values, and drive to put women at the heart of the global environmental movement.